God created this vast universe and all the major and minor details just for the sake of humans. Out of all the things created, only some appear directly beneficial to human beings, while others are potentially harmful to human beings if not avoided. So, we wonder why would God create such a thing which is harmful to human life. Unfortunately, mosquitoes fall in this category. We like to think that the world would have been a better place to live if there were no mosquitoes, but it turns out the situation would be quite opposite if there were no mosquitoes. We have put together 10 Reasons why Mosquitoes are Important for the Ecosystem.

1. Mosquitoes as Food Source

After the snow melts in Arctic Tundra, mosquitoes hatch from eggs and act as food source for some migratory birds. In aquatic environments, fish feed on mosquito larvae. They also act as a food source for spiders, frogs, reptiles and countless other insects.

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