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Top 4 Reasons – Why would a Cat Leave You

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Cats belong to the family of predators and predators are known to be very curious creatures. We often hear the idiom “Curiosity killed the Cat”. Well, it is literally true to some extent. Cats are really curious animals and this forces them to take a stroll outside their limited indoor premises. Some cats are very adventurous and always looking for a way outside and try to run outside on the slightest chance available. Normally, a cat would return to its home after sometime when it gets bored or hungry. But if the cat doesn’t come back within 24 hours then you should better start looking for it. Today, we are going to highlight some of the major reasons Why would a Cat Leave You.

1. Territorial Enmity between two Male Cats

If you recently brought home two male cats, it is most likely they are going to fall out if not introduced properly. Many occasions have been reported where the dominant male cat has chased away the other male from its territory and the male chased away didn’t return. So, before you bring another cat home to befriend your old cat, make sure you introduce them properly and slowly over time.
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