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5 Reasons why Cats are better Pets than Dogs

What do you think are cats better than dogs or not.

cat vs dog
Bulldog and Cat Facing Off

Cats rule the Internet! That is absolutely true, and they rule the real world too. In the United States, the number of households with pet dogs is higher, but the number of pet cats is higher. Which means people who have cats, have multiple number of cats. It is easy to manage 4 or 5 cats, but on the other hand, 2 dogs are more than enough to keep as pets. So today, we have decided to tell you 5 Reasons why Cats are better Pets than Dogs.

1. Cats require less Accommodation Space

Cats are smaller in size as compared to dogs. And all they need is a litter box which must be kept clean at all times. Also, they don’t make any noise or throw a tantrum when a stranger comes to your house.Image result for cat on table

What do you think?

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