5 Real Dog Heroes Who Saved Life – Heroic Things Done By These Dogs

Few things are more heartwarming than a great pet story, especially when a furry family member shows extreme bravery to save someone from danger. The following heroic dogs made the news for saving lives.
Here are 5 real dog heroes who saved life.

1. Apollo the pit bull puppy

The five-month-old puppy was out for a walk with Maya Fairweather, his owner’s 18-year-old girlfriend. She let Apollo off his leash to play in a park. But Apollo saw an attacker pin down Fairweather, so he bit the man in the leg. “He’s a good boy. I think he saved my life,” Fairweather told the media of Apollo.


Does Your Dog Looks Like You – 6 Dogs Who Looks Like Their Owners

Like owner, like a dog. It’s actually scientifically proven that dogs and their owners look similar. According to a journal Psychological Science found that people were able to match photos of dogs and their owners, based solely on physical similarities. Dogs who looks like their owners is a common sight. And we have the proof. Check out these 6 identical canine-human duos and prepare to be amazed!

1. These curly cuties


7 Reasons why Dogs are better Pets than Cats

When it comes to choosing a pet, everybody has his/her own preferences. Some like dogs while cats suit others. So, there is no real competition between cats and dogs as both animals have different personalities and lifestyle. However, people still like to debate on which animal is a better pet, and the dog supporters are larger in number. So, we have compiled a list of 10 Reasons why Dogs are better Pets than Cats.

1. Dogs are Happier

Dogs are the happiest animals when their owner is around. They believe that their owner is the best person in the world regardless of how he treats them. Dogs get super-excited when they see their owners and try to lick their owners to show attachment and affection. Cats, on the other hand, are very moody and their relation with owner depends completely upon how they are treated by the owner.

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5 Amazing Dog Facts that You didn’t Know

Dogs and Horses are the most loyal animals. They never betray their owner. Throughout the history, many such incidents have been reported where dogs have acted as life-savers. Hence, dogs are amazing creatures. Do you think you know a lot about your companion? Today, we decided to compile a list of 5 amazing dog facts that you probably didn’t know.

1. Your dog is as intelligent as a 2 year-old baby

Yeah, that’s right. Your dog has the intelligence of a toddler. That is why your baby and dog get along so well. They understand the same number of gestures or words – 250.

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Top 5 Favorite Games for Dogs to Play

Dogs are the most abundant carnivores found around the world. They are fascinating creatures with many hidden talents. As a result, millions of people around the world have dogs as pets. Some people use these dogs for hunting and guarding purposes, while others just love them as pets.

The people who love their pet dogs try their best to keep their dog active and healthy. So, it is a huge task for someone who recently got a dog. In order to keep a dog healthy, one of the most fundamental things is exercising your dog. So, we have decided to compile a list of 5 favorite games your dog would love to play:

1. Fetch

One of the most simple games your dog loves to play is Fetch. In this game, you will throw a tennis ball in and your dog will bring it back to you. As this game involves throwing the tennis ball over some distance, so it must be played in an open ground or park for properly exercising your dog.

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