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5 Real Dog Heroes Who Saved Life – Heroic Things Done By These Dogs

List of top 5 real dog heroes who saved life – Amazing 5 stories of Dogs Saving life

Few things are more heartwarming than a great pet story, especially when a furry family member shows extreme bravery to save someone from danger. The following heroic dogs made the news for saving lives.
Here are 5 real dog heroes who saved life.

1. Apollo the pit bull puppy

The five-month-old puppy was out for a walk with Maya Fairweather, his owner’s 18-year-old girlfriend. She let Apollo off his leash to play in a park. But Apollo saw an attacker pin down Fairweather, so he bit the man in the leg. “He’s a good boy. I think he saved my life,” Fairweather told the media of Apollo.


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Written by Hilal Khan

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