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Saber Tooth Tiger Facts – The Most Popular Prehistoric Predator

Saber Tooth generally refers to the family of various extinct groups of predatory mammals having long, curved saber-shaped canine teeth. Even if their mouths are closed, the long canine teeth extend out of the mouth. Saber Tooth Tigers belong to a rare family of mammals. Since they belong to ice-age, that is why very little is known about them. It is believed that this specie became extinct around 10,000 BC, which is quite a long time ago. We have gathered 11 amazing facts for you to know what is a saber tooth tiger.

Here are some basic facts regarding Saber Tooth Tigers.

1. The name itself is misleading; Saber Tooth tiger is not actually a tiger

It is interesting to note that Saber Tooth Tiger does not belong to the tiger family. Rather it is a specie of famous pre-historic cat known as Smiloden Fatalis. However, Saber Tooth Tiger is believed to be a distant relative of modern Cheetah, Tiger and Lion.


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