Differences Between A Cat Guy And Dog Guy – Which one are you

When it comes to classifying ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ people, there are two pretty distinct stereotypes. A dog lover is a ball of boundless, lovable energy potentially lacking in the smarts department; whereas a cat lover is a shrewd introvert who could take or leave your affection, frankly.
Below are some differences between a cat guy and dog guy.

1. Cat guys are more sensitive than dog people.

Cat guy were found to be more sensitive, while dog guy showed fewer signs of sensitivity.


7 Reasons why Dogs are better Pets than Cats

When it comes to choosing a pet, everybody has his/her own preferences. Some like dogs while cats suit others. So, there is no real competition between cats and dogs as both animals have different personalities and lifestyle. However, people still like to debate on which animal is a better pet, and the dog supporters are larger in number. So, we have compiled a list of 10 Reasons why Dogs are better Pets than Cats.

1. Dogs are Happier

Dogs are the happiest animals when their owner is around. They believe that their owner is the best person in the world regardless of how he treats them. Dogs get super-excited when they see their owners and try to lick their owners to show attachment and affection. Cats, on the other hand, are very moody and their relation with owner depends completely upon how they are treated by the owner.

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