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Top 5 Favorite Games for Dogs to Play

Dogs are the most abundant carnivores found around the world. They are fascinating creatures with many hidden talents. As a result, millions of people around the world have dogs as pets. Some people use these dogs for hunting and guarding purposes, while others just love them as pets.

The people who love their pet dogs try their best to keep their dog active and healthy. So, it is a huge task for someone who recently got a dog. In order to keep a dog healthy, one of the most fundamental things is exercising your dog. So, we have decided to compile a list of 5 favorite games your dog would love to play:

1. Fetch

One of the most simple games your dog loves to play is Fetch. In this game, you will throw a tennis ball in and your dog will bring it back to you. As this game involves throwing the tennis ball over some distance, so it must be played in an open ground or park for properly exercising your dog.

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