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    Extremely Funny Cats That Think They Are Something Else

    Cats That Think They Are

    Cats are just amazing pets and are loved all over the world just because they are cats. Some of the cats are fed of being just cats and have ventured into new horizons. They are not acting as cats any more, they think they are something else. Let’s find out what they think they are: […]

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    5 Reasons why Cats are better Pets than Dogs

    cat vs dog

    Cats rule the Internet! That is absolutely true, and they rule the real world too. In the United States, the number of households with pet dogs is higher, but the number of pet cats is higher. Which means people who have cats, have multiple number of cats. It is easy to manage 4 or 5 cats, but […]

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    10 Deadly Diseases discovered in the 21st Century


    Countless diseases and their cures have been discovered all around the world throughout the history. A lot of researchers have put in many efforts to find cures to many deadly diseases. Recently, a large number of deadly diseases have come forth in the 21st century. Their discovery was possible only due to advancement in technology […]

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    11 Things People do when they Lie


    Facial expressions and body language of a person reveals a lot about whether he/she is lying or not. Some people are very good at lying, but there is always one way or another to detect a lie. People tend to lie more to strangers. It has been found that strangers lie to each other at […]

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    7 Reasons why Dogs are better Pets than Cats


    When it comes to choosing a pet, everybody has his/her own preferences. Some like dogs while cats suit others. So, there is no real competition between cats and dogs as both animals have different personalities and lifestyle. However, people still like to debate on which animal is a better pet, and the dog supporters are […]

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    5 Things Cat Owners do very Wrong


    Its a fact that dogs are easier to understand as compared to cats. Cats are independent and mysterious creatures with lots of hidden abilities and tendencies. Only few people understand the full potential of the abilities stored in their kitties. In fact, some inexperienced cat owners do some things very wrong which can deeply affect […]

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    9 Cannibalistic Animals – Who eat their Young


    There are many animals out there that show cannibalistic behavior, which means they feed on their own kind They are a part of the natural food chain and keep the food chain balanced. But, it has been noticed that some animals show strange behavior when it comes to cannibalism, they eat their young! Yes, you heard […]

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    10 Reasons why Mosquitoes are Important for the Ecosystem


    God created this vast universe and all the major and minor details just for the sake of humans. Out of all the things created, only some appear directly beneficial to human beings, while others are potentially harmful to human beings if not avoided. So, we wonder why would God create such a thing which is […]