Top 5 Characteristics of a Sociopath – Identify them & Stay Away from them

Sociopath is an informal term refer to someone who has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). ASPD is a personality disorder that involves a lack of empathy in addition to manipulative behaviors and impulsiveness in some people.
Here are some signs of ASPD through which you can identify them. Lets see how many Sociopath people are there in your life.

1. Manipulative

One of the most notable symptoms of ASPD is Manipulative. Sociopaths believe that much can be achieved by conning and manipulating others.


10 Deadly Diseases discovered in the 21st Century

Countless diseases and their cures have been discovered all around the world throughout the history. A lot of researchers have put in many efforts to find cures to many deadly diseases. Recently, a large number of deadly diseases have come forth in the 21st century. Their discovery was possible only due to advancement in technology and improvement in the health equipment. We have made a list of 10 Deadly Diseases discovered in the 21st Century.


This disease isn’t very old, but it has already affected millions of people. It is a slow infectious disease which kills the patient slowly over a time period of as long as 15 years. It has 4 stages with varying seriousness. The initial stage appears as an infection by a normal virus (cough fever), while in the last stage the whole immune system of the human body is destroyed. About 36 million people live with AIDS today and only half of them are aware of it.

Image result for HIV AIDS