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List of all Human Rights Violations Committed by Israel Till Date

Israel has been accused of various human rights violations over the years. Here’s a list of some significant allegations:

1 Unlawful Killings and Forced Displacement

These acts have been a major point of contention, especially in the occupied territories.

2 Abusive Detention

Israel has faced criticism for its detention practices, including those of Palestinians.

3 Violations of Laws of War and Apparent War Crimes

This includes Israeli strikes that killed civilians and destroyed civilian infrastructure during hostilities.

4 Institutional Discrimination

This includes discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel, Ethiopian Israelis, women, refugees, and irregular migrants.

5 Acts Constituting Apartheid

Israeli officials have been accused of engaging in acts such as massive seizures of land, unlawful killings, serious injuries, forcible transfers, and arbitrary restrictions on movement, which may amount to the crime against humanity of apartheid.

6 Israeli West Bank Barrier

The construction of this barrier, which cuts into the West Bank, has been a center of controversy due to its impact on the lives of Palestinians.

7 Use of Excessive Force and Reckless Shooting

Amnesty International has accused the IDF of war crimes, including unlawful killings, destruction of property, obstruction of medical assistance, torture, and the use of Palestinians as human shields.

8 Use of Palestinian Children as Human Shields

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child found that Israeli forces used Palestinian children as human shields in several cases between 2010 and 2013.

9 ‘Neighbor Procedure’ or ‘Early Warning Procedure’

The IDF’s practice of encouraging Palestinians to convince wanted individuals to surrender was criticized as using human shields.

10 Using Civilians as Human Shields in Military Operations

Reports indicate that Israeli soldiers used civilians, including children, as human shields during military operations, tying them to vehicles or using homes as bases while keeping families inside.

These violations, often documented by international human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and United Nations committees, have sparked international debate and condemnation. The complex and ongoing nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict makes the assessment and analysis of these allegations challenging, often intertwining with political, historical, and socio-economic factors




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  2. Mofsowitz says:

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  3. Shane says:

    Yeah I’m telling you, the United Nations is a bunch of morons since World War II. They have done nothing to establish anything other than their own fucking ego with all these points to Israel is bullshit Israel nothing, but in this war, calm and collective throughout the situation if the Palestinians didn’t wanna start, rocketing us and bombing us that wall would not exist, and all these stupid rules are only helping All the terrorists of this world to establish a foothold in the west, has nothing to do with what we’re doing, and we’re fighting to save the western situation

  4. Nasim says:

    There are so many more atrocities perpetrated by the zionist, supported by USA UK and many others, going on for decades. But the Palestinians are the ones called “terrorists”

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