5 Human Foods that are Toxic for Cats

Almost everyone loves cats, right? And most of us like to feed some tid-bits to our cats from our dinner table. But do you know that some human foods can be toxic for cats and are to be avoided at all times. Here are some foods that are toxic for your cats:

1. Chocolate

Chocolates are highly toxic for cats. The toxic chemical in chocolate is theobromine, which causes seizures, tremors and death.

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5 Favorite Human Foods that Cats can Eat

Every pet-owner thinks of his pet as loving and great. But with a great pet comes great responsibility. So a pet owner must take great care of its diet. He should also know what his cat loves to eat. Cats love to share some snacks from the human food on the dinner table. So, here are some human foods that your Cat can eat safely:

1. Meat

Cats are carnivores, which means they belong to meat-eating class of animals. They love meat. They need proteins for good vision and strong heart. Cooked beef, chicken and other meats are great sources of proteins. Raw meat has to be avoided. If you can’t eat something, don’t give it to your cat!

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5 Cat Facts that You didn’t Know

The internet has proved that we love cats. We spend a lot of time watching cats on the internet and getting amazed at their beauty and intelligence. Some of us do own cats as pets. But most of the cat owners are unaware of the facts that we have compiled today.

1. In a leap, a cat can jump up to five times of it’s height.

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5 Cats Demonstrating that Cats can Sleep Anywhere

Every cat owner knows that cats are the most interesting creatures. Their strange and funny activities keep their owners amused. They can fit themselves in strange places and can fall into a deep sleep.

Here are some pictures of cats that prove the fact that cats can sleep almost anywhere.

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Top 5 Most Favorite Games and Toys for your Cats to Play with

Cats are very loving creatures and make gorgeous pets. They like to stay active and very playful. So, any indoor cat gets bored easily and looks for new things to play with. You should provide some toys or play games with your cats to keep them busy and occupied.

Here are some favorite games and toys for cats to play

1. Boxes

Cats love playing around with boxes! Boxes are free and are available in all sizes. The boxes can be replaced with a different size after your cat gets bored with it. They make excellent cat-houses by cutting some holes in them for entrance and windows. There are countless methods for making an exciting cat-house from a box to keep your cat busy.

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Top 5 Beautiful Cats with the longest Life Expectancy

Cats have been living around humans for the last 4000 years. They are fascinating creatures with great hunting abilities. Nowadays, they are known for their loving nature. The most popular pets in UK and USA are cats. So, if you are looking to buy or adopt a beautiful cat or kitten, here is a list of 5 beautiful cat species with the longest average life expectancy

1. Chartreux

The origin of the cats lies in France. These are very pretty cats with weight ranging from 10-15 pounds. They cost a whopping 600$ per kitten, but we know good things come at a price. Their average life expectancy is 20 years which make them excellent family cats.