Top 10 Most Astonishingly Disgusting Habits of Ancient Rome That Will Leave You Speechless

Step into the intriguing world of Ancient Rome, a civilization heralded for its majestic architecture, advanced engineering, and profound cultural impact. However, lurking beneath its celebrated history are aspects that might startle the modern sensibilities. This article unveils the top 10 most astonishingly disgusting habits of ancient Roman society. From the communal nature of public restrooms to the peculiar use of urine in laundry, we’re about to explore some of the less glamorous but utterly fascinating daily practices of one of history’s most influential empires. Brace yourself for a journey that’s as educational as it is jaw-dropping!

1 Public Restrooms Without Privacy

roman Public Restrooms Without Privacy

Imagine a scenario where chilling and doing away with excretions went hand in hand. In Ancient Rome, there happened to be public latrines provided for people without partitions, and this happened to pass as a hub for social interaction.

2 Urine as a Cleaning Agent

washing togas with urine

There you have it! The Romans really did use urine to do washes. Urine produced ammonia, nature’s ‘detergent’, which was especially useful for whitening ingredients in preparing their togas.

3 Vomitoriums for Overeating

Vomitoriums for Overeating

The vomitorium is often misunderstood in its concept; it was actually just a hallway in leading out of amphitheaters. However, during these feasts, the Romans did actually practice purging so they could then go back and eat all over again.

4 Gladiator Blood as Medicine

Gladiator Blood as Medicine

The Romans believed that the blood of gladiators had healing power. It was considered as a remedy for epilepsy and often drunk directly from the arena.

5 Animal Fights and Executions as Entertainment

Many of Rome’s public spectacles were based on violent animal fights, and even executions were considered forms of entertainment, and so many people paid to go and see them at the Colosseum.

6 A Plethora of Lead Poisoning Cases

lead beauty products in rome

Lead was an everyday material in Rome, being part of makeup and even water pipes. They hardly had any notion about the treatment it gave them – lead with its cornucopia of diseases.

7 Garum, The Smelly Fish Sauce

roman fish sauce

It is a smelly strong sauce and has been used a lot by the Romans made from fermented fish intestines place on the outside to cook in the sun.

8 Toga Parties with a Twist

unhygienic romans

Although togas are still iconic, they would most likely have been infested with fleas and lice because of the lack of regular washing and bathing

9 Dental Hygiene, or Lack of It

roman Dental Hygiene

Toothpaste in Ancient Rome consisted mainly of crushed bones and oyster shells. Dental hygiene was really not a serious business as far as the Romans were concerned.

10 Slave Labor in Every Aspect of Life

slaves in ancient rome

The norm seems to have been slave labor in even washing the teeth or combing lice.

But remember, while some of these are classic and considered lavish practice, at the same time they may seem disgusting, even unsanitary by today’s standards. This listicle shares a glimpse of Ancient Rome behind closed doors, a mixture of shock, curiosity, and historical information.

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