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Top 10 Reasons: Why did Hamas Attack Israel 2023?

1. Retribution for Perceived Offences:

Hamas cited the attack as retribution for what they described as attacks on women, the desecration of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

2. Shaking the Status Quo:

The attack aimed to disrupt the prevailing status quo, where Israel maintains a tight siege on Gaza, and the vision of an independent Palestinian state remains distant.

3. Regional Dynamics:

The attack may have been an attempt to bring the Palestinian issue back to the regional and international forefront, especially with the rise of Saudi-Israel normalization talks.

4. Showcasing Military Capabilities:

The scale and tactics of the attack were a clear demonstration of Hamas’s military capabilities, signaling to Israel and the world that they should be taken more seriously.

5. Political Messaging:

The attack served as a political message to Palestinians, contrasting Hamas’s aggressive stance with the Palestinian Authority’s more passive approach.

6. Propaganda and Perception:

Hamas’s use of propaganda videos and bodycams aimed to instill fear among the Israeli public and showcase their operations, serving both international and domestic audiences.

7. Hostage Strategy:

The abduction of a significant number of hostages, including civilians, indicated that Hamas was aiming for more than just a prisoner swap, seeking longer-term political implications.

8. Existential Warfare:

The large-scale offensive suggested that Hamas viewed the upcoming confrontations as potentially existential, preparing for an all-out war.

9. Regional Backing:

Speculations arose that Hamas might have been promised regional support by its allies if a full-scale conflict ensued.

10. Multi-Front Strategy:

Hamas’s strategy was based on a multi-front conflict, leveraging support from Gaza, Jerusalem, the West Bank, Arab citizens of Israel, and potentially southern Lebanon.


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